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About Us

About DNX Entertainment

When it comes to finding the right entertainment to dazzle your guests and create a truly memorable experience, DNX Entertainment is here to enhance the theme of your event and add a unique touch. DNX Entertainment have endless and distinctive ideas to deliver top-notch quality and entertainment, giving your guests opportunity to remember your event for a very long time. Based in the city of Orlando, DNX Entertainment dedicates itself on event development, marketing and entertainment. Offering a variety of services to take your event or product to the next level. From live deejays, hosts, marketing door to door and online, to our excellent online Radio Station. DNX Entertainment assures you great quality service.

Meet The Team!



ENGINEER, HOST) Jose grew up in two of United States most populated cities. Between the fast
paced streets of New York city and the tropical streets of Miami, Jose developed a passion
towards radio and broadcasting. Jose also known as DJX in the nightclub industry, was able to
grow an ear for music, sound and radio. Over 18 years of experience Jose was able to attend
school for Broadcasting in “FT Lauderdale Art Institute” and also “Instituto Politecnico en
Orlando”, where his capacity grew in knowledge and experience. In 2017 Jose moves to
Orlando and starts his own entertainment business with his beloved one Diana Garibaldi, “DNX
ENTERTAINMENT LLC”. A company that offers a variety of services including an online radio
station “DNX RADIO”. Jose put his knowledge together from working in several FM radio
stations in Florida, (EL ZOL 95.7FM, LATINO 99.7FM, EQUIS 99 and Oi2 97.1FM) as a Deejay,
producer and broadcaster. Now in days his plans are to develop great entertainment and
information thru his Online Station “DNX RADIO”.


born in Puerto Rico and was raised in San Juan, Rhode Island and North Carolina. From a young
age Diana was a very creative person. She was the image for several magazine and products for
promotion in Rhode Island. As years went by, she grew a passion for hosting parties and even
presenting well known artists in the industry in big venues of Charlotte. Diana also experience
being a host on it most popular show “Sancocho Tonite” at Norsan Media FM station (Latina
102.3FM). Diana also hosted in a online radio show “Lunes de Rekuperacion” on La Mezcla
radio. In 2017 Diana becomes the Vice President and Sales Director at DNX ENTERTAINMENT
LLC assuring that the customers gets the best quality of service and also hosts at a romantic
show Sunday nights “LA ZONA DEL AMOR”on DNX Radio.